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This is our proposal to create new and innovative projects, ensuring a streamlined, effective and highly qualified design process.

This is our corporate MISSION, with the primary target of conquering the preference of our customers not only with the quality and performance of the products but also with service and delivery times: all components closely linked to efficiency synergy of each team involved.


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Weighing Systems

"SIPI Parcelscan" Weight and volume measurement systems are useful for warehouse and shipping management
"SIPI Palletscan" systems are designed for dynamic and automatic weight and size measurement
SIPI Piece-counting scales enable fast and accurate weighing and counting of items
Checkweighing systems are indispensable for industries in order to ensure the reliability of the product quality process


Discover our weight-volume
measuring systems

Our weight and volume measuring systems ensure accuracy and efficiency in business processes, especially for companies involved in the production and logistics sector.


Handling & Systems

SIPI Extensible Motorized Roller Conveyors

The SIPI-FLEX series of motorized and extensible roller conveyors are handy and strong, facilitating and speeding up loading and unloading activities for logistics and warehouse handling.

SIPI-FLEX roller conveyors features:

  • Modular
  • Energy-efficient
  • Adjustable in height
  • Extendable 8-24 meters
  • Light weight

SIPI Handling and Sorting Systems

Handling and sorting systems will allow you to sort large quantities of parcels which, thanks to the use of barcodes, will be recognized, catalogued and sent to the correct destination.

It will also be possible to include cameras that will allow you to capture and store images of packages in your company database.

Handling and sorting systems produced by SIPI:

  • Facilitate parcel decoding operations
  • Assist the sorting activities of large quantities of parcels
  • Barcode identification task
  • Integration of special cameras for image acquisition

End-of-line systems

End-of-line systems are used in all manufacturing and logistics industries.
They are used during the different stages of the order preparation activities, including material control before packing, content check, packaging and parcel weighing, volume measurement, labelling, data management and sorting on palletizing lines or on the outside for shipping.
Sipi End-of-line systems provide for:

  • Handling and packing of items
  • Data management
  • Interface with the host-management system


Packaging operations are one of the most important part of the modern industry, as they contribute to an optimal production and distribution of the items.

Packaging systems offer different advantages:

  • They allow you a non-stop work
  • They are extremely accurate in weighing and measuring operations
  • They minimize waste

Order preparation line

The order preparation line is a key element for an automatized warehouse, where efficiency and accuracy in product selection are the way to meet and satisfy the customer needs.

This highly-technological production line is designed to transform a list of orders into ready-to-ship packages.

Its advantages:

  • Reduced production time
  • Excellence in production quality
  • Savings in overall logistics costs

Packaging System

The packaging system covers a wide range of products in different branches.

Customized or standard systems provide for a high degree of automation, batch traceability and computerized data management.

Packaging and dosing systems are characterized by:

  • High speed in packaging
  • Accuracy in checking package contents
  • Preservation of products for transport or storage

Labelling system

AUTOMATIC and CUSTOMIZABLE LABELLERS allow real-time printing of information acquired from the host management system, in clear and with barcode indication.


  • Printing on self-adhesive labels
  • Printing technology: Thermal transfer on self-adhesive labels
  • Equipped with microprocessor-based and diagnostic equipment.
  • They can operate in stand-alone mode
  • They can be connected serially to PCs, PLCs and Hosts to receive data to be printed

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Sipi offers innovative solutions ready for management and industrial automation, covering all phases from design to the finished product. It provides a wide range of services from industrial weighing to logistics solutions, software and systems integration.