Handling & Sorting and Roller conveyors

Handling & Sorting and Roller conveyors

Sipi analyses, designs and builds handling lines such as sipiflex roller conveyors, fixed or idle, using rollers, belts, catenaries, shuttles, overhead travelling cranes, equipping the lines with packaging devices, taping machines, strapping machines, wrapping machines, etc.

Handling is realised by making the packages flow in the various areas in a synchronised and efficient manner, in order to avoid unnecessary handling and wasted time in their management, simplifying the supply logic and obtaining important savings in overall logistics costs.

Fixed or idle motorised roller conveyors

Our fixed or idle motorised roller conveyors find application in the loading and unloading of vehicles, for the handling and accumulation of products such as parcels and packages in warehouses, logistics and production lines.

Thanks to their robust and reliable construction, and rollers made of galvanised steel, the idle roller conveyors are very easy to use and are easily expandable with other handling systems.

Extensible motorised roller conveyors

The Sipiflex series of extendable motorised roller conveyors are designed for distribution centres for loading and unloading vehicles, and for all cross docking applications.

Sipiflex motorised extendable roller conveyors have an aluminium pantograph structure, steel rollers, and are equipped with ball-bearing joints, making them particularly flexible and easy to handle even by a single person.

They can be adjusted in height as required and are easily expandable by connecting several modules together.

They are also easy to connect to existing installations, following even non-straight paths.


Handling and Sorting Plant

The Handling and Sorting systems developed by SIPI simplify the decoding and sorting of large volumes of parcels, on the basis of pre-established criteria, which can be varied according to the urgency or needs of the moment.

In addition to barcode recognition, the systems can be integrated with special cameras for capturing and storing the image and dimensions of each individual package processed.

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